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Hot Interior Design Trends In India

Hot Interior Design Trends In India

Hot Interior Design Trends In India

With a growing taste of modern décor among today’s homebuyers, interior designers are making a killing these days. Whether it is organic designs based on natural elements or synthetic interior patterns, the Indian realty market is replete with a plethora of inspiring interior design trends. MakaaniQ explores some of the trending interior décor styles.



The ‘less is more’ concept has gained acceptance and popularity among many homebuyers. Simpler designs under this style encompass minimum furniture, calming colours, natural textures and soft shapes. The clutter-free environment under the minimalist approach brings serenity and elegance to the living space.

Natural and traditional look

 DIY Home decor

Preference for local products among homeowners has been on the rise that highlight the aesthetic value of the apartments. Home décor based on organic or eco-friendly materials such as wood, stone, metals, jute, bamboo, recycled rubber, etc. is quite popular. Furthermore, DIY items, handicrafts and recycled products have made their way into the contemporary Indian homes.

Urban gardens

interior greenery

Indoor plants help bring nature into living rooms. As a majority of apartments do not have access to gardens, many interior designers are opting for environment-friendly residences. They construct exclusive urban gardens by introducing potted plants, terrace or herb gardens on the kitchen windowsills, etc.

Striking patterns

geometric patterns

Geometrical designs in home décor are still ruling the hearts of many homeowners. These inspiring styles are applicable in tiles, kitchen backsplashes, wallpapers as well as upholstery fabrics.

Textures and finishes

texture and finishes

A classic combination of warm metals such as brass, copper or gold with cooler ones like silver is creating a lot of buzz in Indian homes. The layered mix of silver, gold and black metals appear more stylish than any other design trend. Digital prints are slowly but steadily capturing the interests of home décor enthusiasts.

Colour schemes

metallic hues

Pastels form a critical part of present day home décor procedure. Most desired colour options are smoky grey and soft neutrals which look stunning when synchronised with metallic hues and marine tones. Among all the available

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